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A biography and history podcast about the nineteenth-century writers time forgot.
Co-hosted by Dr. Courtney Floyd and Dr. Eleanor Dumbill.

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Season Four: Scribblers of Color

Previous Seasons & Standalones

In Season One, Scribbler Royalty, we talked about the king and queen of sensation fiction: Wilkie Collins and Mary Elizabeth Braddon. We also chatted about newspaper novels and the Scribblers who created Christmas!

In Season Two, Fannies & Trollopes, we focused on an entire family of Scribblers: Frances Milton Trollope, Theodosia Garrow and Tom Trollope, Frances Eleanor Trollope, and the Scribbler Who Stole Christmas: Anthony Trollope. We also did a special episode on Rectors, Vicars, and Curates.

In Season Three, Speculative Scribblers, we tackle nineteenth-century science fiction and fantasy, starting with a heavy hitter––Mary Shelley––and then covering the work of Marie Corelli and Martin R. Delany, with a Christmas episode on H.G. Wells!

In our Summer 2018 Miniseries, Victorian Adaptations / Adapting the Victorians, we chatted with experts in Medieval Literature, nineteenth-century Art History, and Rare Books to explore how Victorians' adapted their own and others' art and how we adapt Victorian art today.

In our NAVSA Bonus Episodes, we chat with other Victorianists at the North American Victorian Studies Association annual conference about their favorite Scribblers, share a panel of presentations about 19th-century sound, and share a presentation we made about this podcast! These episodes originally aired during Seasons 1-3.

About Us

Victorian Scribblers is a biography, history, and literature podcast co-hosted by Dr. Courtney Floyd, a specialist in nineteenth-century literature and print culture, and Dr. Eleanor Dumbill, a specialist in Victorian literature and publishing history.

Now entering its fourth season, Victorian Scribblers has covered a variety of writers - from Mary Shelley to Martin R. Delany.

Dr. Courtney Floyd holds a Ph.D. in Victorian literature and print culture from the University of Oregon. Her dissertation, “Printing the Other Victorians: Nineteenth-Century Fictions of Embodiment and Identity,” examined the way that Victorian print and media objects were seen and used as tools for corporeal self-fashioning, particularly by those whose embodiments and identities were considered non-normative. Courtney is also a scribbler in her own right: she writes speculative fiction and audio drama. Find out more here

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Dr. Eleanor Dumbill holds a Ph.D. in English and Publishing from Loughborough University. Her thesis, ‘Vanished Authors and Invisible Women’ focused on three nineteenth-century women writers—George Eliot, Frances Milton Trollope, and Frances Eleanor Trollope—exploring the formation of their lasting reputations. Drawing on the theories of Pierre Bourdieu, she questions the extent to which their personal and professional networks relationships have affected the reception of these three authors and why so little research has been done around the Trollopes.

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Authors We've Covered


The Show

Victorian Scribblers is a biography and history podcast about the nineteenth-century writers time forgot. It’s co-hosted by two specialists in Victorian Literature and Culture: Dr. Courtney Floyd and Dr. Eleanor Dumbill. Episodes and transcripts can be found on our website,, or accessed via your favorite podcatcher. Season Four began airing in September, 2020, and new episodes are released (at a minimum) on the last Friday of every month.

Fast Facts:
Victorian Scribblers was launched in May 2017The show is episodic - jump in wherever you want!We're currently in our fourth season! Past seasons include: Scribbler Royalty, Fannies & Trollopes, and Speculative ScribblersWe also released a miniseries called Victorian Adaptations / Adapting the Victorians in 2018So far, we've published 65 individual episodes (from mini episodes to full episodes and bonuses)

The Pitch

You’ve probably heard about Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, & the Brontë sisters. But did you know that there are tons of amazing Victorian authors you’ve never heard about? On Victorian Scribblers, we (co-hosts Courtney Floyd and Eleanor Dumbill) tell you about the writers who wrote the novels that inspired Indiana Jones and those murder mysteries and true crime shows you like to watch. We talk to you about the writers whose characters inspired the Evil Queen in Snow White and kicked off tropes like the femme fatale and the manic pixie dream girl. We chat about the journalists who exposed corruption and the ones who made fake news, the people who wrote dictionaries and ads and cookbooks, the scientists whose articles changed the world. Wouldn’t you like to know their names? Aren’t you just a little bit curious about who they were & what they wrote? Start listening to find out!

Season Four

In Season Four of Victorian Scribblers, we’re spotlighting the lives and work of nineteenth-century Scribblers of Color. Listeners voted for this theme last year, but it feels especially important now when so many of us are thinking about memory, monuments, and social justice. In our field, as in much of the world, undue attention has been paid to white people who either did active harm to people of color (be it physically or culturally) or passively benefitted from harm perpetrated by others. We’ve already done some work to push against that valorization, but we’re ready to do more.

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